Sunday, July 24, 2011

It has been almost a year, and holly cow.............. we are doing great! We closed on our house and getting ready to start school. Major is in all day kindergarden and Dallas is in half day pre-school. I am loving seeing them get big and smart. Football is starting in a few weeks! YEAH! Football is my thing! Right now we are focusing on getting our house fixed up and trying to stay cool! Our pool will be fixed in the next couple of days, so we are excited to swim! Candi

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello! Hello! Here are our family photos for 2010, we have had nothing to complain about this year! We are doing super! Major is 5 and Dallas aka Dally-Dog is 3. They are both in school and loving it, and I am loving the little breaks I get here and there throughout the week. Christmas was a ton of fun, kids just add this magical feeling to the holidays . I am always a little sad to take down my Christmas stuff, and know that summer has to come again until Christmas will be here again. Dallas is talking really well, and Major is just getting BIGGER and BIGGER by the minute! They both are actually. Major lost his first offical tooth the other day, he lost one about 2 yrs ago running around a table at my brothers house, but this one was loose, and we were wiggling it and moving it and then we were playing football at the park and he caught the ball with his mouth and it poped out! I looked for about 30 to 45 min, and then gave up. We told him that the Toothfairy would come no matter what, and that she would bring him some money. Major then told us that he wanted her to bring him 100 dollars..... B.J. explained to him that if the Toothfairy brought that kind of money that he was going to start pulling my teeth out. I do sincerly live with a comedian. Well, I hope all is well with all of my blogger friends, I need to be better about being it touch with you guys. Happy New Year to all of you! Candi

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Major turned 5! We had a clown come for about an hour or so and she painted faces and made animal balloons. I think the kids loved it. I had 18 5 year olds at our house. CRAZY!!!!!! It worked out really nice. B.J .took Major bowling that afternoon and then we went to Serranos and ate Mexican food.( My most favorite food ever.) Dallas turns 3 on the 27th of Aug. I cant believe my baby is 5. Here are some fun pictures of the party!

Monday, August 2, 2010